It is always motivating for all to hear the success stories of other people, for us even more, when they are from some of our users. This week our #Fit2Real…

It is always motivating for all to hear the success stories of other people, for us even more, when they are from some of our users. This week our #Fit2Real is Sergio Flores, a MTB Rider from Tenerife that has reaped great successes throughout the 2016 season.

Here are five factors you should know about FIT2ONE: by Sergio Flores


1) How long have you trained with FIT2ONE and what program have you used?

I have been training with FIT2ONE for almost 3 years. The goal has basically been to improve on my sport, mountain biking (MTB). To arrive in better conditions to each competition and to be a more complete racer.


2) What is your FIT2ONE story?

Before I knew FIT2ONE, I was training on my own, I would go out with the bike and do what I considered depending on the energy I had that day. Frankly that way of training to prepare and endure an entire season, without lowering performance, is not the most appropriate to put it in a simplified way.


A friend told me about FIT2ONE and as soon as I saw that the workouts and scheduling of the work were in progress, I quickly decided to start with them.


3) Why is FIT2ONE a good choice for you?

FIT2ONE is ideal for me because I take full advantage of my training time, work and continuously improve all aspects necessary for the discipline I practice. I feel better prepared to face the races.


4) What have you gained by using FIT2ONE?

I have managed to be a much more consistent and more complete runner. It has helped me greatly to improve my weaknesses and to further strengthen my virtues. Every season that I train with FIT2ONE I am more efficient and I have seen that reflected in the results obtained.

Here are some successes harvested by Sergio Flores in his MTB season 2016:

1st Classified in the Four Stage La Santa (Cat. Master 30).

1st Classified in the XC San Felipe (Cat. Master 30)

1st Classified in the XC La Quinta (Cat. Master 30)

1st Classified in the Mother of Water Bike (Cat. Master 30)

1st Ranked on the Brutal Bike (Cat. Master 30)

1er Classified in the Bike Channels (Cat. Master 30)

1st classified in the Hoya del Abade (Cat. Master 30 and Absolute)

Regional Champion MTB 2016 – XC (Cat. Master 30)

Regional Champion MTB 2016 – XC Marathon (Absolute)


5) What advice or advice would you give to those starting or continuing with FIT2ONE?

My advice is to trust the advice of FIT2ONE, I have checked it for myself and I have also seen it in teammates. By performing the training programs correctly and analytically, you will be able to get the goals scored and maybe even sooner than you can imagine.


For my part, I will continue training with FIT2ONE because it is the best training tool I have ever known, the most complete and best adapted to my available time.


We want to hear your stories Fit2Real! If you want to share how FIT2ONE has made a difference in your life, please send us an email to using the #Fit2Real subject


Sharing your progress visually will help you and motivate you to keep making it happen.


Keep moving.

– The FIT2ONE Team.