Davinia Arrocha of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is our #Fit2Real of the week and her secret to a healthy lifestyle is not really a secret at all, but if a…


Davinia Arrocha of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is our #Fit2Real of the week and her secret to a healthy lifestyle is not really a secret at all, but if a good tip: without effort and commitment there is no reward. What most excites us is that FIT2ONE helped Davinia design and schedule his training sessions and stay on track towards his goals, achieving his goals.


Here are five factors you should know about FIT2ONE: by Davinia Arrocha


1) How long have you trained with FIT2ONE and what program have you used?

I have been training with FIT2ONE for 5 years, with different objectives throughout this period. The first one was to try different training programs until I found the one that best suited my characteristics when it comes to toning and improving my physical condition. Later I wanted to try running and participate in some test, it’s the good thing about FIT2ONE, I can always adapt the training to my different objectives, with satisfactory results.


2) What is your story FIT2ONE?

My story with FIT2ONE started a long time ago, as I mentioned earlier. I discovered FIT2ONE thanks to a friend and at that time I was looking for a training “guide” something more specific and personalized than the usual routines. I have always been linked in some way to the sport but I needed to get better results, I also wanted to do a safe program, to avoid possible injuries and this is something that I have undoubtedly achieved thanks to the schedules and programs of FIT2ONE.


3) Why is FIT2ONE a good choice for you?

Well, for me FIT2ONE is a good choice for several reasons, the professionalism, its efficiency, the motivation and above all the constant attention for the users to reach our objectives. FIT2ONE has always allowed me to join my training sessions to my working life, making the most of the time I have to train.


4) What have you gained by using FIT2ONE?

When I started to train with FIT2ONE I had very high heartbeats, I managed to regulate them and feel more relaxed, I have managed to tone both the lower and upper train, achieving a better balance in my body, in addition to running a very good Rhythm when I have wanted to do some popular race.


5) What advice or advice would you give to those starting with FIT2ONE?

My advice is to be encouraged to try a different sport experience, with contrasting and real results, but of course, without effort and commitment there is no reward …. I will continue with their dynamic workouts and enjoying the experience.


Davinia Arrocha II - Fit2real


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– The FIT2ONE Team.